Academic programs

Curriculum Program

• Dual language kindergarten

• Early intervention K-2

• Reading buddies for K – 2

• Mathematics

• Science and technology

• Language arts

• Social studies

• Music and art

• Health and physical education

• Ethics & religious cultures

• Options Classes at Cycles 2 & 3 (More Sports, Robotics, Spanish, Photography, Cinematography, Yearbook, Scientific Explorations, Dance, ICT Explorations…)


French Second Language

• French Immersion Evaluation Standards

• Mesure D’Accueil


Special Needs

We believe in the philosophy of inclusion, thus we integrate all students with special learning needs into our regular activities.  Individual and small group instruction is provided by our resource team.


We have implemented the ALERT program across our school.  In addition to ALERT practices in the classrooms, students may also benefit from more in-depth support from the Engine Room.  Students needing a calmer lunch environment may benefit from the Oasis room.



Computers support student learning from Kindergarten through Grade 6. In addition to a PC lab, students across the grades utilize Netbooks, Macbooks & iPads as part of the implementation of the ETSB’s Enhanced Learning Strategy.  Every classroom is equipped with a projector, a SMARTboard, and a document camera.